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Engedals Diesel

Engedals Diesel is a whiteborn 6/8 knabstrupper colt, sportstype, born 11/7 2010 , with full pedigree.
Expected height 166-168 cm.

Sire: Theis of Virklyst, Best stallion at grading in 2008 with scores 9898 77 878 8
Dam: Engedals Liva, 2. in class at grading with scores 8787 77 786 7
Dam's sire: Sanders Califf, Best stallion at grading in 2004 and 2007 with scores 8888 78 877 8
Dam's dam: Sanders Dodo, best 3 year old mare at grading in 2004 with scores 9898 88 88 9

Diesel is very friendly and calm, easy to handle, with very good movement. No grey gene, great stallion or dressage prospect.

Located in Denmark.

FOR SALE: $5500

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Knabstrupper horse for sale

Knabstrupper horse for sale

Knabstrupper horse for sale

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