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Deep in the heart of the lovely Shenandoah Valley, lies Cedar Creek Stables, home of an unusual breed of horse.

The Knabstrupper horse is an old and rare breed, originally developed in Denmark the horses come from the same original stock as the Spanish horses that gave rise to the Appaloosa. The Knabstrupper and the Appaloosa share the same unusual color patterns, they are the ‘spotted’ horses. The color variations range from the whole body spots of the classical Leopard pattern (sometimes called “Tiger’ pattern), in bay, black and chestnut to the blanket spotting and to varnish roan and snowflake patterns.

While their unusual color patterns make them eyecatching and different to look at, what makes the Knabstrupper really special is their superb temperaments and willing kind natures. Bred as working horse and selected as much for attitude and ability as beauty the Knabstrupper is a true family horse.

They are not particularly huge standing between 15 and 16 hands, with solid strong legs and well shaped feet, a neat head and an elegant long neck, short backed and strong the Knabstrupper is true warmblood horse. They are good movers but not extravagant, and are easy to ride. They jump well and are willing bold horses with good minds and a kind nature.

If you are interested in seeing these horses please contact us, we love to show them off (by appointment).

Knabstrupper graphic
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Knabstrupper border image