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Woodend Manuka

Woodend Manuka

  • Stunning black minimalist mainbook Knabstrupper filly.
  • 5/8 top paternal and maternal Knabstrupper pedigree.
  • To make 160-163cm.
  • Excellent conformation with super expressive paces, bred for dressage and as Knabstrupper breeding prospect.

By famous 2001 KNN gold medalist stallion and Swedish/international FEI dressage Champion, Conetti Lynghoj [KNN118], Leopard spot, 172cm, grading scores [989877899], Warmblood Studbook I, Elite, O Elite.

Out of Sackum Vetotime, graded and mainbook KNN mare, KNN 2452, 7/8 and 10/16 Knabstrupper. 155cm, 2007. Sackum Vetotime scored at the Danish KNN Foal grading 2007, 7788, Overall Impression 8, 4/9, won the Swedish KNN Colt Talent 2009, 887877=45 exterior points and in loose jumping 9 for technique, 10 for judging of distance and 9 for temperament, and was KNN Graded as mare in 2010 in Denmark. Sport 7777887877, 4/11.

The fillies maternal grand dam: Sackum Yildirim KNN 2246 was graded in 2000 both Sport: 8878 88 788 Overall impression: 8, 1/11 and Klassick: 8888 78 787 Overall Impression : 8, 3/11 , in 2000 won Best KNN Mare in Show 39p, and awarded a silver medal , graded in 2004- 7 8 8 7 7 6 = 43p,s and awarded a silver medal, and in 2008 won Champion Mare 7 7 8 7 7 7 = 43p, and wasawarded a silver medal.

FOR SALE: $3000

Located in Ireland. Owner has exported horses before. Shipping/quarantine costs to New York is $8000.

View Woodend Manuka weblink for pedigree

Sackum Vetotime  Dam: Sackum Vetotime

Conetti Lynghoj   Sire: Conetti Lynghoj Link 1 Link 2

For further information please contact:

Dr Marie Claire Van Hout,
Woodend Sport Horses, Ireland.
Phone 00353872375979 or

Woodend Manuka

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