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Xafier Middelsom

Opportunity to acquire an outstanding Knabstrupper competition horse

FOR SALE: Sorry, but SOLD

Xafaire Middelsom is a magnificent black/white full leopard gelding a superb example of this rare breed. Registered with KNN. Bred in Denmark, by the legendary sire, Xantos. A 6 yr old gelding he stands 16.1hh. He is trained thru 3rd level, with good clean changes and half passes. He shows potential for PSG and higher.

He is sound and solid and a joy to ride.

He is quiet and easy to ride with soft comfortable gaits. He jumps well and is quiet and well behaved on trail rides. Suitable for an amateur rider, good enough for a professional. He qualified for Region 1 Championships (1st level) in 2010 with his amateur rider. Finished in 9th place overall.
Now ready to come out and show at 2nd/3rd.

He is being offered at the Sport Horse Sale at Dressage at Lexington

Come and see him and try him before the sale at Cedar Creek Stables in Staunton, VA or come and try him during the show. The sale is on Saturday 16th July.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

View video on YouTube

Knabstrupper Xafaire Middelsom

Photo taken: September 2009

Knabstrupper Xafaire Middelsom

Photo taken: September 2009

Knabstrupper Xafaire Middelsom

Photo taken: September 2009

Video of Xafaire's first dressage test
Xafaire Middelsom does Training 3. This is Xafaires first test.


Just starting under saddle, Xafier is showing the work ethic and willingness typical of a Knabstrupper.
Photo taken: October 2007


Xafier has lovely big comfortable gaits and a great mind.
Photo taken: October 2007

Xafier Middelsom's family

Family group photo
Family group photo

Xafier Middelsom's sire, Xantos
Xafier Middelsom's sire, Xantos

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Knabstrupper border image
Knabstrupper border image