eNEWSLETTER - May 2006
Country: USA
Foal: Eowyn
Sire: Apollon
Dam: Maggie
Owner: Knabstrupper USA
Country: Denmark
Foal: as yet unnamed colt
DOB: May 1st 00.35
Sire: Xantast
Dam: Jasmin
Owner: Ena Sparre
Country: USA
Foal: Arwen
Sire: Apollon
Dam : Dania
Owner: Knabstrupper USA
Country: Scotland
Foal: Blacklaws Xpresso
Sire Xanthos
Dam: Elmegaardens Surprice
Sire of Dam: Underworld XX
Owner: Blacklaw Stud
Country: Ireland
Foal: Libby
Sire: Faust af Elmelygaard
Dam: Sartors Spotted Angela
Owner: Drombeg Stud

Welcome to our inaugural edition
of the Knabstrupper News!

Dear subscriber

It's Spring here in Virginia and Spring means lots of new babies, so our first newsletter will have a bunch of new arrivals, not only here but also in Denmark and in the UK.

We will try to include a calendar of Knabstrupper related events as well as Knabstrupper news.

Please send us reports of what your Kanbstruppers are doing as well telling us about upcoming Knabstrupper events and activities.

For example:
Cedar Creek Stables will host an RPSI inspections July 28th 2006 which will have several Knabstrupper babies included.

In Denmark:
There will be a Knabstrupper show at Vilhelmsborg on the 12th of August, 2006.
The two day show with the stallion presentations will be on Zealand 26-27th of August. The address of the show is Baunehøj Ridecenter, Fællesejevej 21, DK-4700 Næstved.

In Germany:
One of the German Knabstrupper Shows will be in Eastern Germany on 7 Oct. 2006
(place: Arnstadt-Angelhausen).

The ZfdP Championship all Breeds of Lower Saxony is always set on the second Sunday in July, so look out for that one as well.

I hope you all enjoy the Knabstrupper babies and please don't forget to tell us about your horses activities.