eNEWSLETTER - September 2006
Winning Stallion Sleipner
Søholmgaards Cassiopia,
Mare Champion.
The 2006 Winning Foal
Grim II Aetsted,
gelding by Uff
Muddergrøftens Frode
Sanders Dublin
Monica S.Felix
Nymands Zidney Sporthorse Mare
Papaya A.D.Schutzend Hand

Welcome to our inaugural edition
of the Knabstrupper News!

Knabstrupper Show August 2006
Baunehøj Riding school, Naestved, Denmark

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The first day was, as usual, stallions day with an impressive set of horses forward. This year there was a new system, each horse was judged separately by two sets of judges, one set were the sporthorse judges, and one set of classical judges, thus there were in effect two shows running simultaneously, judge each horse as both a sporthorse and a classical horse.

The classes were then placed twice with in some cases the horses changing order as the different criteria were used. This made for some very interesting classes and rankings, but what was most interesting was that in the end the champion stallion had been placed first by both sets of judges, in the 3 yr old class the stallion Bjørnhøjgårds Sleipner won both divisions and went on to be the overall stallion champion. Which only goes to show that a good horse is a good horse!

The full leopard spotted stallion was by far the best jumper there that day scoring an overall 8 for both flat and jumping. Sleipner is a 6/8 Knabstrupper being by Bjørngårds Gibson, (a son of Conetti Lynghøj) out of Jette Hedevanggård a daughter of Don Ibrahim.

Winner of the best sporthorse mare was Nymands Zidney a lovely bay mare by Zardin Firefrod, the winner of the classical division was Søholmgaards Cassiopeia, also a 6/8 Knabstrupper by Knast Helleman, (a son of Tarzan), out of Søholgaards Cirkeline, who is a daughter of Thunder Boy. Cassiopia went on to win the Mare Championship.

Thus the champion mare and stallion were both classically bred Knabstruppers. This is proof positive of the improving quality of the classical breeding lines, showing considerable improvement in movement, gaits and jumping ability over the horses of the past.

The winning foal was an adorable few spot baby as yet unnamed, by Talisman A.D. Schutzend Hand, The dam was Papaya A.D. Schutzend Hand a daughter of Pergamon A.D. Schutzend Hand. This baby was only two weeks old, but he was a game willing little fellow trotting out with his dam many times in the course of the day.

Overall there were a far more impressive group of stallions forward than of mares, how ever there had been a mare and foal show a few weeks before on Jutland and thus many of the horses from the mainland had gone to that show instead of Zealand, which weakened the classes at Baunehøj. Generally the impression was that there are some exceedingly nice stallion around in Denmark and that the breeders are doing a very good job of improving the type and quality.

A full list of placings and the scores given will be up on the KNN website in due course. www.knabstrupperforeningen.dk


Waiting to trot out, Calypso By Ravaldi