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We received a letter from Tage Jensen, Chairman of the KNN regarding the use of Appaloosa mares to breed Knabstruppers

January 9, 2006

Dear Melyni
and others with the interest for Knabstruppers

At this homepage:

You have this sentence on the page.
“Maggie, appaloosa mare, approved for Knabstrupper breeding by RPSI.”

It is necessary to tell you and everyone else, that the KNN did not accept appaloosa in the Knabstrupper breeding, so even that Apollon is a Danish approved stallion, and still got his breeding license, the KNN will not accept and register the offspring between Maggie and Apollon.

The KNN will contact RPSI and tell them the Danish rules for approving mares and stallions, and direct RPSI’s attention to the fact, that KNN did not accept appaloosa in the Knabstrupper breeding. The reason for this is (short explained):

When we breed Knabstruppers we also breed the characteristically spots. We did not accept any doubt where the sports are coming from, so we did not want the possibility that any one at all can says, “the horse is not a Knabstrupper it is a Appaloosa” When we cross with a solid colored Stallion, (brown, black, red or so) and the offspring are spotted, then we are sure that the spots come from the Knabstrupper gene and not the appaloosa gene

The KNN is the motherhood breeding organization for the Knabstrupper breed, we want to preserve the rare Knabstrupper horses, and did not want the Knabstruppers to merge with the Appaloosa breed.

It will be good if you can put my comment on your homepage and it will be good if you can inform other people with interest for the spotted Knabstrupper horse, about the KNN view on Appaloosa

Best regards
Tage Jensen
Chairperson for the Danish Knabstrupper Union

MW notes:
Please note folks that as the KNN is the foundation country for the Knabstrupper the EU rules are that all other (European) countries registries must follow the foundation countries rules. Thus it is probable that the RPSI will in the future NOT approve Appaloosa mares for use in breeding Knabstruppers. SO be warned.

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