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Xavoy Middelsom at 2008 VADA-Nova Show

October 10, 2008

Xavoy Middelsom

Xavoy Middelsom

Congratulations to Xavoy Middelsom and Melyni, they scored a 63% at 3rd level at the VADA-Nova show thereby qualifying for the BLM Championships.
Oct 23-26th Virginia Horse Center.
Xavoy’s 3rd level scores score in combination with the scores from Cita at 1st and 2nd level has now qualified Melyni for a USDF Bronze medal.

Photo by Pics of You – photo release 



This is a video of Xavoy and Melyni at Morven Park, doing 3rd 2.

Xafaire Middelsom at 2008 VADA-Nova Show

Xafaire Middelsom
Xafaire Middelsom does his first test

Congratulations to Xafaire Middelsom, he went to his first licensed show. He did Tr 3, and got 63%. Things were scary at first but then he settled down. He was even able to ignore the big USDF banner right by his ring!

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