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Payana von Rosenoff

December 26, 2008

In 2005 during m trip to Germany I bought 4 filles as future brood mares.  You have already met Peony von Falkenhorst, but here is another filly, Payana.  Bred by Sabine Schroder, Payana has matured up into a really charming filly.  We started her under saddle last winter (winter of 2007) and she made her debut in the dressage ring (schooling shows only) in 2008. She has shown 3 times, once at Cedar Creek in a walk-trot test and twice away from home. She handled her self very well at all the shows. At the last two she did Training level and has consistently scored in the 60’s, with her final outing a 67%..

Payana at Cedar Creek, 1st test.

Payana at Cedar Creek, 1st test.

The plan is for Payana and April to come out in USDF licensed shows in 2008, beginning at Training level and working on up. Hopefully she will qualify for the BLM Championships in the Fall.  Payana has the usual willing work ethic of a Knabstrupper, she is quick to learn and very solid and responsive.  After Jan 1st we will also start her over fences so that she can begin in the combined tests in 2008. Payana is excellent on a trail ride, easy and relaxed and very bold, she goes over anything she is pointed at willingly and fluidly.  She is maturing up and should be about 15.3 when she is done growing.

She has easy gaits and very good balance, she will be a super competition horse for anyone but most especially she is a great ride for an amateur.

We will keep you posted as to her progress.

Here is a video of her doing Training 4, remember she is only 3 yrs old and this is her first time at this test.

Payana Training 4

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