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Vada-Nova show Morven Park April 2009

April 12, 2009

We took Payana and Xavoy to Morven Park, VA, Payana to do her 2nd ever licensed show and Xavoy to do our 2nd attempt at 4th level 2, ( we did our first licensed show at Williamston, NC. at the end of March, but I forgot to blog about that one I might get to it later!).

The weather report was pretty dicey but we went anyway. Saturday the rain poured down, and it was cold and miserable. Poor April and Payana were scheduled to show at 11:10 in the midst of all the downpour. Being the brave souls that they are they went. Poor Miss P, she is only a baby and this is only her second show, and again we had rain. But being the little trooper that she is she went on and did her best. They scored a very commendable 65% at Training 3 in the pouring rain.  They went again later in the day at 2:30pm, the worst of the rain was over but it was miserably cold and the arenas were deep mud.  This time they scored 65% for Training 4, sloshing around in the mud!

Xavoy and I were scheduled for 4:30 pm, the rain has stopped and sun had even come out but it was still very cold and windy. X warmed up so well, full of power and energy, but when went into the arena for our test we sank into the mud! We kept going but I could feel the deep sucking mud pulling him down and we didn’t have the bounce and power we normally enjoy. 4th 2 is an incredibly long  test, it never seems to end, esp when the mud is deep!  And it is so hard to do extended gaits, half-passes, pirouettes and tempi changes in deep mud, but we struggled on.  Losing our energy as we went.

We didn’t get the best score but we did get a 7 for one pirouette which was great because that’s one of the harder movements and new to us.  The tempi’s were not good, I miscounted one of the 4s and we did 5 steps between, and he was late on his last change, the half passes were stiff and laboured (they are very hard to do in sucking mud let me tell you).

I was most impressed with Aprils method of getting her breeches dry between tests, she put them on the dash of the truck and turned on the window defogger! And it worked. I’ll have to remember that for next time!

The next day Sunday dawned bright and sunny but very cold. The arenas were still deep mud. Miss P came out and did a superb job, she just tucked in her nose and trucked on around splishing and a sploshing! They got 70.4% for that test and were tied for first place, though they lost the tie-breaker, and wound up 2nd.  But way to go Miss P. , 70% at Training 3.

The arenas were still not any drier 2 hours later, so I put discretion before valour and scratched my next 4th level ride. We are still too new at this level to  handle the hard movements in way less than perfect footing. It was, I felt, too much to ask,  plus I had felt X slip a couple of times the day before and did not want to risk a pulled tendon or ligament. So we packed up our gear and drove home.

Now we have to decide should we move Miss P up to 1st level at the next show or not? I’d like her to qualify for the GAIG Championships in the Fall, and for that she will need to score 68% or better at Training 4, so maybe we need to concentrate on Training 4 for a couple of shows.  But what a trooper she is, and so is X doing all that hard stuff up to his ankles in mud.

Oh well we should have better weather next show in May.

No pictures yet, I did take a video but I have not processed it yet, I’ll do that and post when it goes up on youtube.


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  1. Melyni, We were there, and I was riding 2nd level for the first time. My mare slipped on her first halt and then would not take chances again, and we were getting pelted in the rain at 9:08am. The next day, I was there on my youngster and she was game, but also not as forward as we needed. Those outdoors are slick when wet. The warmup was better footing than the show rings.

    Good report.

    Comment by Mel — April 13, 2009 @ 10:32 pm

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