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It’s really gonna happen! The KNN are coming

August 17, 2009

It’s been a long time in the planing and organising, but finally it’s going to happen. An inspection committee from the KNN are coming to the USA this October to do an inspection and branding tour.

Fairbanks Skrodstrup at the Inspection in Denmark.
I’ve bought the tickets and sorted out the venues, now we have to organize the personnel! Vets, guest riders, presenters etc.
There are 3 mature stallions to do their ridden tests, of course no such luck that they could all be at the same venue, no one at each site. Of well that’s only 3 vets, 3 guest riders, and 3 presenters! Plus 3 sets of jumps and gallops and dressage arenas!

Theis af Virklyst at an inspection in Denmark.

Theis af Virklyst at an inspection in Denmark.

We should have 3 or 4 young stallions doing their initial presentations for temporary breeding licenses, they have to walk and trot in hand and then free jump down a chute, again they are spread out over all 3 venues, so 3 jump chutes to organize!

Plus all the mares and babies.
In Denmark they do the mares and foals on one day and all the young geldings, colts and stallions on another day, but then they have far more horses in a far smaller country.

The first stop will be Cedar Creek Stables in Virginia, we should have between 10 and 19 horses depending on who shows up.

Then it’s on a plane and off to California, to Diane and Patrick’s for their horses.

One day in California and then it’s back on a plane and off to Florida to Hardford Farm, Reddick (near Ocala) for Penny Rivers horses.
and then finally home again to Virginia for me and to Denmark for the team.

Running a young stallion at an inspection in Denmark (Calypso )

Running a young stallion at an inspection in Denmark (Calypso )

Running a young stallion prospect. Calypso
I hope people will come and watch the inspections, these things are always so much more fun when there are plenty of folks.
Any questions email me on

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