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Some shots of the mares and babies

June 23, 2010

With 3 foals all on the ground and healthy (phew), we took some shots of everyone early one morning. Here are some of the pics of the mares and babies.

In case anyone thinks Paula can't move!

Peony, Legs, Paula and Raina.

Linda & Lobelia enjoy the early morning.

Linda wants everyone to know that she can move as well!

Legs and Raina are best of friends!

Meet CCS Lobelia, our latest arrival.

June 16, 2010

Born to Linda; Sire; Apollon, is CCS Lobelia, a chestnut filly.

AS big and stout a filly as anyone could wish for.

MIss Lobelia, came a few days late, but in good form. However she forgot her spots. But she is a lovely mover and a quick learner. Even without any wild colors she is going to be a great asset to the Knabstrupper breed since she will no doubt be as nice a riding horse as her Dam.
MIss Lobelia’s older sister Silinde is growing like a weed, she is almost as big the warmblood fillies who are a year older, so if Lobelia follows in her sisters footsteps she will also be a big solid girl.

That’s all our foals for 2010 folks, we have quite the trio, Raina, Legolas and Lobelia. We would love it if you came to see them and any of our other Knabstruppers.

We have quite the selection these days. We love to show our Knabstrupper babies to people so please do come and see them.

Hope everyone is well.

Another gorgeous Knabstrupper is born

June 1, 2010

Congratulations to Pat and Diane,
Their warmblood mare Nadia has had a really lovely filly by Pegasus. Named Patriot, this one is quite the looker. Her coloring is reminiscent of Cita Normarks. She is going to be very attractive.
Well done Nadia! lets hope Pat and Diane can now get some sleep.

Also in the news but sadly no picture, is Halifax Middelsom’s first venture into the world of show jumping.
He and Cita Normark went to the House Mountain Show at the VHC, and did the baby jumpers. Halifax was quite amazed at all the activity, he was a bit distracted in his first round and pulled a rail, but in his second class he got idea and focused in on his job and jumped a beautiful stylish clear round.

Miss Cita was of course excellent, she jumped around nicely but was a bit put off by the bright flashing numbers on the timer and the buzzer, snd so didn’t have the confidence to really gallop on. But it was a fun outing.
Congrats to Halifax and April on their first time out over fences.

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