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What a week (or two) it has been for Knabstruppers

November 16, 2010

It has been quite a week for Knabstruppers here in the USA.

First of all, Congratulations to Colorado Skrødstrup and all of his ‘connections’ Kathy St Martin, Niels Fynbo (breeder) & Lisa Williams. Colorado has passed the 70 day test with flying colors, he scored an outstanding 109.75 making him 5th overall and with a dressage index of 113.54 placing him 3rd in Dressage. His jumping index was 102.59 placing him 5th in the jumping as well.  Because he was older than 5 at the testing, he received a 5% penalty.  If he had not received the penalty, he would have been 2nd overall. This is a very impressive result considering that he was up against some very very nice stallions.

The second thing that happened is that Halifax Middelsom, our 4 yr old few spot stallion (Harlequin- Celeste) went to the Region 1 Finals, he did his 1st level debut, and scored a 72% at 1st 4, and was Reserve Champion in the McDevitt Sothebys stakes class, winning $200. This was an open class against all kinds of horses including some very nice warmbloods including several other stallions.

Cita Normark and April Shultz, 2nd level Champions

Edited to add in:
I had totally forgotten to mention that two weeks ago and CBLM Championships Cita Normark and April were second level Champions, and at the same Championships, April and Halifax Middelsom were Reserve Champions at Training level with a score of 72%. He was tied for first but lost on the tie breaker.

Halifax Middelsom, Reserve Champion Training level.

Why is this so important, well it shows that Knabstruppers can hold their own against all other horses. Both of these stallions were competing against other horses in an open competition, and both horses showed that Knabstruppers can hold their own. This is very very good news, and is a confirmation and affirmation of the quality and effectiveness of the Danish system of breeding these horses. These horses are competitive in open competition against all other breeds, not just in a limited one breed only show. This kind of performance confirms the wisdom of the KNN and their breeding program rules.

Halifax wasn’t the only Knabstrupper at the Region 1 Finals, we also took Xavoy Middelsom to do Prix St Georges, and Xafaire Middelsom who had qualified for the 1st level Finals Adult Amateur division. I rode both of these horses, and while we didn’t get the stellar scores that April and Halifax got, they did well.

Xafaire was 9th over all, just out of the ribbons, but still a respectable place for a 5 yr old against all other breeds in a very competitive class. Due to having a lot of stuff to do this year, we have only done limited showing on Xafaire, but he has managed to qualify and even came to the show and did respectably.

Xavoy showed the dependability and reliability of a Knabstrupper as he performed the PSG test as best he could given that he was being ridden by someone who is NOT experienced at this level (me). We still have work to do to get him sitting more and being a bit more ‘on the bit’, but the best part of it all is that thanks to his good mind, I actually get to ride the PSG, so many other middle aged ladies of my generation are reduced to standing by the ring watching their trainers ride their big fancy warmbloods and are not riding them themselves, but I get to go in myself and do it.

Thanks Xavoy!

And I never have to worry about being bucked off or having too much horse to deal with. Those FEI tests are hard enough to ride without having to worry if your horse is going to spook out from under you or bolt at the end of the ring. or if you are going to be able to get those changes. On my Knabstrupper I don’t have to worry about any of that, I only have to concentrate on whether he is uphill enough or round enough or remembering to count the changes!

For someone of my age and lets face it, less than perfect build, it is so nice to have a horse that I can rely on to be a partner in the enterprise. We might not get stellar scores, but we will improve with practice, and I know I can always ride my horse and get in more practice, unlike some!

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