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Installment 3

September 14, 2011

In 2009 I bought two young Knabstrupper geldings. Loki and Luki are both by Stavsdahl Lobi out of TB mares.
Now that they are 3 yrs old we are beginning their training. Both are for sale and if you are interested please contact us and arrange to come and se them.

Loki is by Stavsdahl Lobi out of Waltz Away, he is a solid bay gelding with a small sock. He stands roughly 15.2. He is a very forward ride full of energy with quite the motor. He is a good mover and very balanced for a horse his age. He has the most adorable pony face and is usually found up to his ears in trouble!
Loki spring/summer 2011

Luki is by Stavsdahl Lobi out of Pina Puli. He is bigger, around 15.3. He is full leopard he is very cute and personable. Due to his larger size and lankier build we have delayed starting him under saddle, he just needed more time to grow up. He is just being started now, but this is him loose schooling in the indoor.
Luki summer 2011

Other news

Cita Normark our resident beauty queen left for a new home in Huntsville Alabama. Her new owner is Patsy Gray, and they have already earned blue ribbons at their first show.

Cita Normark

CCS Tinuvel aka Sugar has qualified for the GAIG Region 1 Championships at Training level and 1st level. Come on out and cheer for her in Oct at the VHC.

CCS Tinuvel May 2011

CCS Tinuvel March 2011

Halifax Middelsom, had a summer convalesing from his suspensory pull. But he is back and is going in fine form. He will be back in the show ring at the GAIG Region 1 Champs and at the Harvest Moon Show.

Halifax Middelsom

CCS Arwen and April had a really good show at the ERAHC show in Sept scoring 69% for 1st 3. However we could get into another GAIG qualifier so Arwen will be at the GAIG show but not in the Championship classes.

CCS Arwen

Melyni and Xavoy got their first qualifying score for their silver medal at Dressage at Lexington and are now working to get another one at PSG so that they can move on up to I1.

Xavoy Middelsom and Melyni 2009 (4th level)

Sad news, we heard from Ravaldi’s owners (Pia and Tommy Hangaard in Denmark, Ravaldi was put down this year due to age and infirmity.
They do have a filly a full sister to Cita available for sale as well as some other really nice Knabstruppers. There won’t be any more Ravaldi babies in Denmark but we do have some frozen semen left.

Next Installment!

One of the many things we have been doing this summer is making videos. April got a new Ipad and used it extensively to make videos.
We even got some of the one or two of the yearlings.

Here’s Bella aka CCS Lobelia; Bella is by Apollon out of Linda v. Nordstern. and she is gowing up into a very personable horse.

CCS Lobelia

CCS Lobelia

This is Legolas, Legs is by Don Principe (Hann) out of Peony v. Falkenhorst. He is a bright copper chestnut and very very handsome, with his blanket and socks.

CCS Legolas

CCS Legolas summer 2011

I seem to have forgotten to take any pics of CCS Raina Halifax’s filly out of Paula. She is growing into a very stout and powerful mare. She is also as pure bred as it gets being 15/16th Knab in the 4th generation. and she is developing into a ‘real’ Knabstrupper.
Pics will follow.

We have a few older ones as well.
Here is CCS Boromir, by Ravaldi out of Lolita who was by Libero Star. Boromir is a half warmblood half Knabstrupper, and is growing into a tall leggy handsome fellow look at him move as well. This one is going to be a super dressage horse. and since both parents were good jumpers he should jump as well.

CCS Boromir

CCS Boromir

This CCS Selinde, she is a 2 yr old by Apollon out of Linda v. Nordstern. Selinde is a good big mare with a real Knabstrupper character and type.

CCS Selinde

CCS Selinde

Long time no blog!

It’s been a long time since I blogged for which I apologize. Too much going on etc etc. SO where was I?……
TO start with here are our current crop of babies.
We had 3 super babies this year, Grosie had a colt foal by Ecuador, we call him Aragorn aka Strider, very dark bay possibly black with a small lacey blanket. He is just gorgeous, with a superb walk, and incredible charisma. The current plan is to keep him entire for now, (at least for as long as I can stand it) and see how he develops.

Here is a short video of him;
CCS Aragorn

Peony had filly sired by Don Principe, a very dark chestnut possibly liver, with a small blanket. She is beautiful and elegant and is going to be drop dead gorgeous. A super mover. We called her CCS Galadriel.

Here is a short video of her;
CCS Galadriel

Paula had a colt foal by Leofric the Dane. CCS Peregrin, aka Pippin, is a full leopard colt. He is as pure bred as it gets, being 15/16ths Knabstrupper in the 4th generation.

Here is a short video of him;
CCS Peregrin

We are in the process of weaning. Aragorn got weaned yesterday and Galadriel is due to be weaned tomorrow. and next week Pippin.

Grosie is back in foal this time to Halifax Middelsom. Paula and Peony are not in foal. Peony is going to go back under saddle and try her hand at being a dressage horse. Paula will be bred next year possibly to Lea Ann Hansen’s Schiffon.
Next blog I’ll show our yearlings!

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