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Beginning to get to work

January 12, 2012

April schooling Olive in the Grand Prix ring (grass ring).

We allowed the horses a few days to settle in and to recover from their trip. Plus Jim had a USET clinic with Ann Gribbons and Stefan Peters which we got to go watch. Then we started them back to work.

As always with Koford there is no slow introduction. I rode X the first day and he was very good. Jim checked out our canter work, (needs to sit more) and our trot work, (needs to be more elastic) and also took a look to see where we were in our piaffe and passage work. It wasn’t a long lesson but very intense. There are so many great areas to ride in here so cooling out consists of a nice long walk around either a jump ring or around the race track, or just on the grass.

The second day X was WIRED! he had so much energy I could barely sit him. Jim hopped on and made use of all that energy, he did 4 one tempis and some Piaffe and passage. The footing is of course sand, but they water it every morning so it does not get to soft.

Arwen has been introduced to the double bridle, and it makes all the difference to my ability to half halt her. Instead of feeling like I am water skiing around the arena, we can actually do a half halt. With brakes installed I suddenly realize how she does not really use her hind end! her balance is very much on the forehand, this is going to have to change.

The arrival of Peter Atkins, meant that not only did we have a party every night, but April got some jump lessons on Olive. Levi is doing well, he seems to like the heat and the sand. Halifax is also doing well, he has to have his turn out in the round pen (which has a 7 ft fence around it) but he gets about an hour to strut his stuff and yell at all the trotters who of course ignore him. But he is also working well.

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