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Off to Florida we Go!

January 12, 2012

It’s been a while since I posted. SO I will split this up so that you don’t have to read too much at once!
During the 2011 Show season, Xavoy and I finally got our scores for my silver medal (2 scores of over 60% at 4th and PSG). So with that in hand, I decided that we needed to move onwatds and upwards. We had been training most of the summer with Jim Koford, and Jim migrates down to Florida during the winter. So if we were going to have any reasonable chance of getting any help with this very big step, we needed to go south with him.
Thus April and I planned and schemed and sold a couple of horses and followed Mr Koford down to South Florida. We planned to take 6 horses with us, Xavoy, Halifax, Arwen, Levi, Olive and Curiosa.
Jim had taken stalls at Sunshine Meadows. Sunshine Meadows is a multi discipline but mostly harness horse facility with 170 acres. 700 stalls and many rings and tracks in DelRay Beach. DelRay Beach is a bit south of the more fashionable (and more expensive) Wellington.
I left 2 days ahead on Jan 3rd to get the stalls set up and organise things. I left in 17degrees, with blowing snow, which for sure made me glad to heading south!
The drive down was uneventful, though LONG!

On Jan 5th April and Brandon Shultz each driving a 3 horse rig came on down. It’s a long way folks from VA to So FL, but they made it by about 10 pm.
Horses were unloaded and settled in the stalls. and we all went to bed.

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