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Phew what a weekend

January 29, 2012

This weekend we went to watch the World Masters Dressage at the Jim Brandon Center. Jim Koford our trainer/coach showed Holly Shook’s Pharoh in the 3* on the Thursday and was high enough placed to earn one of the “wild card” rides in the 5* event on Fri and Sat. So while we would have gone to watch anyway, now we doubly had a reason to go.

What an amazing group of horses and riders. We got to see Stephan Peters, Charlotte Dujardin, Carl Hester, Tina Konyot, and a host of others. A really world class competition. Stephan Peters and Ravel won, but only just, Charlotte was so close in score that it was basically a tie. The Olympics in London are going to be really interesting.!

Watching all that world class riding seems to have helped us. well me anyway. X was so good today, I not only got 4 X 1tempi. eg 4 flip flops, but then I tried and almost made a 3 X 1 tempis. as in actually 3 1’s. But only almost, the best I could do was a flip, flop, one stride and then another flip! Sitting back while you use you legs that fast is HARD!
X is getting stronger and is more willing to be through and over his back. He did a few steps of Piaffe as well and a respectable attempt at passage. I can feel him learning to stay round and to begining to really sit and lift up his shoulders.

Arwen is getting stronger as well, she can now do the shoulder-in to half-pass pretty well and without losing balance or running. She is starting the changes, but April rather than me.

Halifax has learned how to do changes, he is so proud of himself. He sometimes does a flip flop just show off! We are making progress. The days can be hot but at least the nights are cool.

I am so tired after our busy weekend, so more tomorrow.

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