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January 14, 2012

Jim teaching April in the dressage arena at Sunshine Meadows.

We are settling into a pretty good routine. In the mornings I get up and feed. Then we turn one set of horses out in their paddock. April starts on stalls while I do any therapy that the horses need. Therapy plate, laser or what ever.
Then we start tacking up and riding. We meet Koford in the dressage arena, and just keep on coming as he keeps on teaching.

We bring in the horses who have been turned out if it gets hot. And the next set get turned out in the afternoon/evening.

Halifax goes out in the roundpen for about 30mins-1 hr depending on the demand.

Lessons are short but intense.
Yesterday X and I were working on the canter zig-zags from I2/GP. It took me the longest time to workout what Jim was wanting me to do.
Half-pass, straiten (leg yield) shoulder in 1 stride, change and immediately the new half pass, rinse and repeat! I finally had to practice the sequence at walk and then trot before I could organize the coordination to do it in canter! No way could I do the 3-6-6-3 or the 4-8-8-4 that the test requires. It took all of my coordination to do two sequences in each centerline pass. We definitely need to work on this. Jim got on X to show me and had no problem doing all of them, so it clearly is not X’s problem!

April and Arwen got to stat flying changes yesterday, poor Arwen, it takes a lot of coordinating the hind legs, and are a long way away from the head for her!

Curiosa is getting more settled, it has all been quite an experience for her. But she is starting to realise that it isn’t terminal and is beginning to relax and work over her back.

Curiosa and April work on trot lengthenings

Olive had a day off after her intense jumping training.

Halifax is having a blast, he gets to show all of these people what a superior fellow he is, even if the humans are not in agreement! He sees so many different horses in the course of the day and he whinnies to all of them in case someone wants him!.

Morning workouts at Sunshine Meadows, the racetracks, busy with trotters.

X had a slight run in with cellulitis, the fungus lives in the sand and you have to be really vigilant about washing the sand off when they come in, but even then he got a hot swollen leg, thank goodness for the laser and the medi tek shampoo, we got it under control before he got too bad.

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