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February 15, 2012

A good friend came down from Orlando to West Palm to visit me and to watch us train. What a weekend, on Saturday we went and watched Jim in the High Performance Dressage clinic, Eye opening to see such minutae of detail in the corrections. Then we went to the Jim Brandon Center to watch the afternoon GP classes in the show. Sat night we went to WEF and watched part of the Showjumping GP, a class of 80 competing for a purse of $125k!
Sunday she watched my lesson with Jim. Then we had the choice of another HP session with Jim riding or we could go and watch a Polo Match at the Polo Grounds.
Now where else in the World can you watch GP dressage and Jumpers, and Polo all withing a 20 mile radius? That’s part of the charm of South Florida, all this high level horse stuff going on so close by!

Quote of the week;
Today X and rode through the I1 test, we didn’t do too badly, so Koford decides that we need to work on the 1 tempi’s. Well I couldn’t ride a line of 1 tempi’s to save my life. Huffing and puffing and kicking like mad, I finally got 2 lines of 3 X 1 but barely got that. “Oh Boy” says I, “we really have some work to do”. Says Koford “Xavoy and I are doing just fine, YOU have lots of work to do”… Uh huh! Oh well.

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