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We get to test our work!

February 27, 2012

Sunday both April and I rode in a schooling show. I did I1 and April did PSG. Our trainer the Great Jim K, felt that we needed to get out and show our new skills to a knowlegeble person and have them assessed so so off we went.

We have been working on getting X rounder and more consistently on the bit, so that I can put a leg on and get a forward response without him lifting his head and tensing his back. It does seem to have worked. he stayed rounder and softer, I got a forward trot, which Halleluja! I was able to sit! He didn’t drop his shoulders in the flying changes so his right hind came through properly. No late changes or short stepping ones even in the two tempis. I still can’t sit the extended trot but I can now sit his collected and some of the medium. I did ride backwards in the right pirrouette and let him get out of rythmn, but otherwise we were pretty respectable. Even April said so.

On the bit is such a poor phrase for it, it’s the back and the tension of the back and neck muscles which need to be soft and loose, it really hasn’t anything to do with the bit!

April rode Levi who did not have a good day.We knew we were in trouble when he refused an apple treat! He broke away when unloaded and did a tour of the parking lot! Thankfully there were only a few trailers in it! Then he warmed up fine, but as soon as he went into the arena he decided that ALL the letters were just too scary! I mean seriously, how many dressage letter has this horse seen in his life! They battled on and finally finished. Oh well there will be other shows.

It’s down to our final week. We go home a week from today.
I have really enjoyed it, and I have learned so much. My horse is going so much better, I have made new friends and reconnected with old ones. But it is time to go home. I can feel it.

It’s getting warm down here and I do not enjoy heat, plus the the things I need to do are piling up at home. But I am very glad we came.
Hopefully I’ll get to return next year.

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