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Belated blog on the new foals

April 19, 2012

Double Trouble

It’s been a crazy month, and I totally forgot to post about the new foals. We have had all 3 foals born. First came CCS Shaowfax, a nr leopard bay based colt by Halifax out of Windham (Wenzel 1). An easy birth up in the morning, up and nursing within an hour. Windham is an experienced mother so it was all routine for her.

Then while we were at the March Magic show Grosie (Anatasia Bonita) had her filly by Halifax. Again Grosie is an experienced mother so things were pretty routine. CCS Vanya is almost identially marked to Shadowfax, and the two are inseparable companions.

CCS Shadowfax

CCS Vanya

About 10 days ago Demi had her filly CCS Elendil. Demi is a first time mother so things were not so smooth, plus the foal was malpresented. But with the help of Dr Julie Bullock we got things straightened out and the filly arrived. Mother and child had to spend a few days at Mountain View but all is now well.

The pictures of Elendil are not the best but I plan to get better ones.

CCs Elendil

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