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GAIGS Region 1 Championships, NC

November 4, 2012

Home after a really good weekend at the Region 1 Champs. CCS TInuvel (Sugar) and Halifax went. and they did Knabbies proud.
Sugar was 5th place in the Second level open division, an incredibly tough and competitive open division against some of the best warmbloods on the East Coast. And she was so good. She got 65.714% which put her only 2 percentage points from Harmony’s Wambuto, a horse who won his 100 day test in Holland! This is an amazing performance for our little 5 yr old, she held her own against the best! Kudos to April Shultz who has trained her from the get go and who rode her so well.

Sugar and April during their victory gallop.

Getting their pic taken!

Not to be out done. Halifax Middlesom did 3rd 3 for the first time. He di this test twice. On the Friday he scored 68.974% winning his class. On the Saturday he did the test again, this time he scored a very impressive 77.434% way to go April and Halifax.

A great show and great way to end the season.

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