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Two Fabulous weekends for Knabbies

April 26, 2014

First it was the Lucinda Green Cross-country clinic at Win Green. April rode Theo and Sophia rode Frej. Both horses were outstanding and jumped so well and were so honest. They are such tryers. Lucinda was impressed as were a number of the spectators. They were such a good shop window for Knabbies! Plus the girls had a great time, learned lots and did well.

Then this weekend it was a dressage clinic with Felicitas Von Neuman-Cosel, organised by Jontelle Forbus, at Cumber Farm, I took Xavoy, and April took Halifax on the first day and Sugar (aka Tinuvel) on the second day.

So much information……. she changed so much about my riding on the first day it was all I could do to follow the instructions about what to with the various parts of my body! X was good if puzzled, he trotted and cantered around patiently while I struggled to follow the instructions and demands! Thank goodness for Knabbie patience and willingness to work. I had no attention left over for him at all.

Then on the second day, apparently I was riding better, so we got to do lots of transitions trot- walk and trot -canter, circles of various sizes, by the end X was moving so well, he showed me a trot I did not know was in there! Now the problem is, how to replicate that one at home?

April rode Halifax on the first day, and got a lot of help, she elected to take Sugar the second day and got a lot of useful information and help.

Felicitas must have been impressed with the Knabbie patience and cooperation as well, she asked about the horses and took away my info in case she runs into an amateur who needs such a kind willing horse!

A wonderful weekend, so much information to process!

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