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September 14, 2011

One of the many things we have been doing this summer is making videos. April got a new Ipad and used it extensively to make videos.
We even got some of the one or two of the yearlings.

Here’s Bella aka CCS Lobelia; Bella is by Apollon out of Linda v. Nordstern. and she is gowing up into a very personable horse.

CCS Lobelia

CCS Lobelia

This is Legolas, Legs is by Don Principe (Hann) out of Peony v. Falkenhorst. He is a bright copper chestnut and very very handsome, with his blanket and socks.

CCS Legolas

CCS Legolas summer 2011

I seem to have forgotten to take any pics of CCS Raina Halifax’s filly out of Paula. She is growing into a very stout and powerful mare. She is also as pure bred as it gets being 15/16th Knab in the 4th generation. and she is developing into a ‘real’ Knabstrupper.
Pics will follow.

We have a few older ones as well.
Here is CCS Boromir, by Ravaldi out of Lolita who was by Libero Star. Boromir is a half warmblood half Knabstrupper, and is growing into a tall leggy handsome fellow look at him move as well. This one is going to be a super dressage horse. and since both parents were good jumpers he should jump as well.

CCS Boromir

CCS Boromir

This CCS Selinde, she is a 2 yr old by Apollon out of Linda v. Nordstern. Selinde is a good big mare with a real Knabstrupper character and type.

CCS Selinde

CCS Selinde

Some shots of the mares and babies

June 23, 2010

With 3 foals all on the ground and healthy (phew), we took some shots of everyone early one morning. Here are some of the pics of the mares and babies.

In case anyone thinks Paula can't move!

Peony, Legs, Paula and Raina.

Linda & Lobelia enjoy the early morning.

Linda wants everyone to know that she can move as well!

Legs and Raina are best of friends!

On moving up the levels!

November 10, 2009

X and I doing the extended trot, this really puts us on the 4hand, oops lots of work to do!

X and I doing the extended trot, this really puts us on the 4hand, oops lots of work to do!

The week after the Region 1 Championships we had a clinic with Jim Koford. He comes to a farm about 1 hr away, so we load up and drive over.

The first day I rode Xavoy, and Xafaire and April rode Payana.  Xavoy and I are currently showing at 4th 3 and not doing as well as I had hoped. We need a 60%+ to qualify us to do a 4th level freestyle, and we got a 59.2%, at the show. We can’t do the November show cos we will be at Equine Affaire, so that’s our last blast for the year.

But Jim (who has just returned to us from a stint in Germany) has plans for us to move up to PSG anyway next year. So we have been diligently working on PSG stuff!  Like pirouettes on the diagonal and the canter zigzag from the side to X and back to the side. We also need to do 5 x 4 tempis and 5 x 3 tempis. It’s hard enough for me to count when I just have 3 of them to do.

X is getting so much stronger and more assured at all this stuff. but he still gets a bit too much on the forehand and then when I ask for the changes he falls forward and takes over!

So Jim had us working to get him up in front and off his forehand, boy does he gfeel powerful when we do that. We got a really nice line of 4’s and 3’s, then Jim says Okay now do the 2’s. I must have looked horrified (or worried) cos he adds, you gonna have to get used to them ready for I1 anyway, it’s not so hard, change, ask, change, ask, change, ask…… and so I did, and X did them, 5 of them! What a boy. When I get him off the forehand and stay in the saddle so he stays off the forehand then the changes are easy, well, not so difficult anyway.

Getting him off the forehand helps with the pirouettes as well, he can really sit and turn when he is carrying the weight on his hind end!

The second lesson was shared between Payana (P Pony) and X2 (Xafaire), Jim is so popular that we only get 2 slots to ride in, but Jim lets us share one slot. Xafaire is still convinced that the corners of Pati’s arena contain dragons so we had some what of a discussion about that, but once he was assured that no one had him on the menu, he settled down and did some nice work, he needs to learn to stay soft and round and lengthen and shorten stride, it does not take much to distract him so we work on him staying with me and listening to what I say, not worrying about the state of the Universe!

P Pony and April are working on 2nd level stuff, shoulder in, haunches in and lengthening stride, plus walk canter and canter walk.  The plan is for them to come out in 2nd level next year.

The second day we took Xavoy, Payana and Halifax. Another problem with only having a 3 horse trailer and 4 (or more) horses is that we have to decide who gets to go and who does not.  It was Halifax’s first time to an away clinic, he handled it all with his usual aplomb. Of course being a young stallion we are hyper careful but he really is a good boy. He and Xavoy shared a lesson with X and I working on such stuff as our canter zigzags, this time we did the one from I1, going from center line to 1/4 line, change and to the other 1/4 line change and then back to the CL. I had to learn to straighten the halfpass as we approach the 1/4 line, then change and immediately into the new half pass! Let me tell that takes some co-ordination. but X got it pretty quickly.

Halifax did lots of trotting and cantering on a 20 m circle and learned to bend and move off the leg, both forwards and sideways.  He’s only 3 yrs old but already he focuses on his rider better than some older horses!  He is so balanced and athletic he has no problem turning and doing transitions.  The plan is for him to do Training level next year, just how we are going to haul all these horses to the shows I don’t know!

Payana and April had their lesson still working on the lateral work as well as the lengthening stuff. Halifax got to stand on the trailer and behave while P was doing her lesson. He dealt with it all really well and was mostly a very good boy.

So in this week X and I have been doing our homework mostly working on staying up in front and keeping the right bend, but also on transitions within the gaits. I got another line of 2’s with April counting and we have been doing our canter zigzags as well. Look out for us coming out at PSG/I1 next season.  It is so exciting to be finally riding at this level after all these years, thanks to X and my teachers, Jim, Matt and Ronnie!

Well off to Equine Affaire, I hope to see plenty of people there.



Payana von Rosenoff

December 26, 2008

In 2005 during m trip to Germany I bought 4 filles as future brood mares.  You have already met Peony von Falkenhorst, but here is another filly, Payana.  Bred by Sabine Schroder, Payana has matured up into a really charming filly.  We started her under saddle last winter (winter of 2007) and she made her debut in the dressage ring (schooling shows only) in 2008. She has shown 3 times, once at Cedar Creek in a walk-trot test and twice away from home. She handled her self very well at all the shows. At the last two she did Training level and has consistently scored in the 60’s, with her final outing a 67%..

Payana at Cedar Creek, 1st test.

Payana at Cedar Creek, 1st test.

The plan is for Payana and April to come out in USDF licensed shows in 2008, beginning at Training level and working on up. Hopefully she will qualify for the BLM Championships in the Fall.  Payana has the usual willing work ethic of a Knabstrupper, she is quick to learn and very solid and responsive.  After Jan 1st we will also start her over fences so that she can begin in the combined tests in 2008. Payana is excellent on a trail ride, easy and relaxed and very bold, she goes over anything she is pointed at willingly and fluidly.  She is maturing up and should be about 15.3 when she is done growing.

She has easy gaits and very good balance, she will be a super competition horse for anyone but most especially she is a great ride for an amateur.

We will keep you posted as to her progress.

Here is a video of her doing Training 4, remember she is only 3 yrs old and this is her first time at this test.

Payana Training 4

Peony von Falkenhorst

November 7, 2008

Peony von Falkenhorst as a 3 yr old.

Peony von Falkenhorst as a 3 yr old.

Back in 2005 I bought a snow cap filly by Pegasus from Gwen Gregorio of Gestutet Falkenhorst . That filly called Peony von Falkenhorst, has developed into a lovely young mare. In 2008 we started Peony under saddle, and we also bred her to Don Principe, Don Prince is a black Hannoverian stallion belonging to Marydell Farms. Don Principe’s sire is the legendary Donnerhall and he is out of a mare by Prince Thatch (TB). Visit Don Prince’s website;

With Don Principe’s lovely movement and super temperament, this is going to to be one super foal.  Don Prince has had a number of fantastic babies, so watch out for this one! This ones gonna have spots since Peony is a snowcap.

Peony is no slouch under saddle herself.  Started over the Winter by Pam Spearing, Peony is ridden 3 times a week by April Reedy, and shows all kinds of talent as a dressage horse herself.

Peony and April in the dressage arena.

Peony and April in the dressage arena.

It is always hard to decide whether to ride or breed these super young mares, which is the way it should be for a broodmare. after all, in that baby you are going to get half of her genes, so it had better be genes that you want to ride.

Peony is due to foal in March 2009, we can’t wait to see what kind of baby she and Don Prince produce.

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