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Welcome to the world CCS Alyar and CCS Adanessa

April 26, 2014

CCS Alyar 3

Welcome to the world CCS Alyar a gorgeous bay based peopard filly, by Halifax Middelsom out of BeeBe, (Briar), a stout powerful filly, super mover and just full of vim and vigour. Born April 15th

we also want to welcome CCS Adanessa,
CCS Adanessa 3

By Ecuador Skrødstrup out of Demi (Dauphin), this is a super elegant filly, with loooong legs. She is going to be a looker for sure. Also a bay based leopard.

Now we just have to wait for Grosie to produce her foal! The wait is on!

Belated blog on the new foals

April 19, 2012

Double Trouble

It’s been a crazy month, and I totally forgot to post about the new foals. We have had all 3 foals born. First came CCS Shaowfax, a nr leopard bay based colt by Halifax out of Windham (Wenzel 1). An easy birth up in the morning, up and nursing within an hour. Windham is an experienced mother so it was all routine for her.

Then while we were at the March Magic show Grosie (Anatasia Bonita) had her filly by Halifax. Again Grosie is an experienced mother so things were pretty routine. CCS Vanya is almost identially marked to Shadowfax, and the two are inseparable companions.

CCS Shadowfax

CCS Vanya

About 10 days ago Demi had her filly CCS Elendil. Demi is a first time mother so things were not so smooth, plus the foal was malpresented. But with the help of Dr Julie Bullock we got things straightened out and the filly arrived. Mother and child had to spend a few days at Mountain View but all is now well.

The pictures of Elendil are not the best but I plan to get better ones.

CCs Elendil

Next Birth Announcement CCS Legolas

April 29, 2010

April 27th 9 pm, Peony gave birth to a gorgeous chestnut colt by Don Principe. 4 whits socks and a small blanket, he is just gorgeous and he’s all legs! Which is not why we called him Legolas. But it sure does fit.

This one is a looker boy, big strong and healthy and full of him self.

We think that he is going to be a bit taller than his brother Faramir and every bit as cheeky and opinionated

That’s two out 3 so far, we still have one more to go. Miss Linda, she due in mid May, keep checking this site.

Birth announcement: CCS Raina

April 16, 2010

New pics of Raina.

Born April 11th, a few spot filly, Sire; Halifax Middelsom, Dam; Paula vom Falkenhorst.

Miss Raina meets the world.

When Paula was picked up in Idaho we had no idea that she might have been bred. Later at the inspection a comment was made by Ena who noticed her ‘condition’ was a bit portlier than expected. Subsequently we had her checked and she turned to be in foal.
Last Sunday she delivered this lovely stout filly. A few spot, with dark legs and head (for now). Raina is 100% ( 8 out of 8) Knabstrupper and since she is homozygous for LP will be a super brood mare for crossing to warmblood stallions!

She a lovely stout filly , very strong and well grown. She is endlessly curious about the world.
We are delighted to have her.

Welcome to CCS Theoden

July 9, 2009

Born July 8th 10pm. CCS Theoden is a full leopard colt,he was up and nursing by midnight.

A big, strong, full color baby.

Sire: Ecuador

Dam : Rosie by Rosenthau

Welcome to CCS Silinde

June 3, 2009

May 29th, Linda von Nordstern (Samurai/Don Ibrahim)  had a gorgeous filly by Apollon. Silinde is a clone of her mother, she is the same coloring except that her mane and tail are black (though that might change).  Big and bold and just full of her self. A pure bred filly with full color.

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