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And the training goes on……

February 14, 2012

Well we experienced a true tropical rainstorm here in So Fl! The sky opened up and water just came out of it! But it didn’t get too cold, down to the 50’s, which is cold enough when it’s wet believe me. The horses weathered it well, though the return of the sun after the rain and it felt like a sauna! the fungus goes rampant once that happens to everyone is getting anti-fungal baths. But still some escapes us!

Though it drains pretty quickly after the rain, we used the puddles to work on passage! Nothing like trotting through a puddle to get that lift and push!
The next couple of days were windy and cold, and boy did the horses feel fresh after the heat and muggyness. They were bouncing and full of it.
It’s great to have that energy and go, but their backs are tight and it takes a lot of time at stretching in the warm up to get them swinging and soft. However once you do, you get some great work.
X and I got some 3 X1’s, I did leave the saddle a good bit though, way too much air time for my peace of mind.
X has to learn not to such big changes when doing 1 tempi’s, he really jumps up in the changes and that makes it hard to sit and ask for the next one. But we are getting stronger and stronger. We got a pretty reasonable piaffe and on the centerline as well. Passage is still a work in progress, but every now and then we get some good steps.
I was practicing the half pass from the GP, boy that is one steep HP. corner letter to E or B and then back all the way across the arena to the other corner, it’s a long way across there sometimes.
We are also practicing the pirrouettes on the centerline, that really makes you aware of how tight and small they have to be.

One thing that really helps is having the mirrors across the short end to look in and see how far you have drifted off the CL!

The mirrors are good for seeing if you sit straight as well!
all for now, more soon.

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